Benefits for coal washing plant

LCC Ltd handles and delivers domestic and industrial coal at all levels of the supply chain. The company, whose headquarters are based in Cookstown in Ireland, has become a nationwide retailer and distributor of domestic and industrial solid fuels, sourced both from local industry and from abroad.

LCC Belfast is its dry screening processing facility which opened in 1997 in the Port of Belfast. The facility is in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. It covers around 18 acres and handles all types of solid fuels including Coal, Metcoke, Petcoke and Anthracite. The raw materials are imported by sea and exported from the weighbridge facility by road or again by sea-freight.  

LCC Group’s new coal washing and sorting plant in Belfast dock

Benefits for LCC

LCC Group’s new coal washing and sorting plant in Belfast dock has become the latest European site to benefit from the inclusion of SlurryPro pumps. Plant manufacturer, Dernaseer has incorporated a number of SlurryPro Silver Series heavy duty centrifugal slurry pumps in and around the site. The pumps were supplied by UK-based pump specialists Atlantic Pumps, which installed a selection of pumps including the SlurryPro Silver Series 3x2, 4x3, 6x4 and vertical pumps.

SlurryPro has put detailed development work into increasing the wear life of the pumps, which offers long term cost reductions. Manufacturing spares from unique elastomers and hard metal types has resulted in pumps which are designed for the continuous pumping of highly abrasive, high-density slurries with minimal maintenance required. The slurry pumps are designed to allow easy on-site maintenance whilst also being interchangeable with some other leading brands.

The SlurryPro Silver Series is a heavy duty range of horizontal and vertical slurry pumps available in a wide range of sizes from 1.5 inches up to 20 inches. The pumps offer flow rates up to 1400 L/s in horizontal configurations and 400 L/s in vertical configurations and are available with both high chrome and different grades of rubber wearing parts.

One of the SlurryPro Silver Series heavy duty centrifugal slurry pumps.

Fast lead times

SlurryPro manufactures a wide range of quality parts and spares for the Silver Series pumps that are fully interchangeable with many other slurry pumps, which allows users to continue using their current pump and pipework configuration, and upgrade easily when convenient.

SlurryPro puimps are distributed in the UK by Sheffield-based Atlantic Pumps. Its sales manager, Nathan Rowles, talking about the inclusion of the SlurryPro pumps at LCC Belfast, said:  “If a customer spends in excess of £1 million on a wash plant, maximising uptime is the most important thing to them. Increased wear life and fast lead times as provided by Atlantic Pumps means that the customers can keep the pumps running every minute of the day.”

Installed pumps at the site include the SlurryPro Silver Series 3x2, 4x3, 6x4 and vertical pumps.

Durability & global service

SlurryPro pumps are quickly becoming the choice for many mine and quarry operators worldwide. Respected for their durability, they are backed by a responsive global service strategy.

As well as manufacturing pumps with an industry-leading wear life, Atlantic Pumps' focus on reducing lead times for quotes and delivery can deliver significant benefits to companies like Dernaseer. These benefits include reduced inventory cost, a faster turning inventory and so less invested capital.

When companies acquire too much inventory the items can sit in their warehouse or storage location collecting dust. The inherent value in these parts cannot be realized until they have been used in the production process.  The longer parts sit, the more likely it is that they become obsolete due to changing processes.

A faster turning inventory overcomes most of the above and delivers further benefits. It is easier to control, to count, to store. It gives the flexibility to respond quickly to changing market trends and new entrants to the supply chain.

Less capital invested is crucial in times of financial stress. It makes the company more profitable, it gives the opportunity to create a greater cash flow. If a new business venture appears then it can be acted upon as the cash is available to take advantage of it.

Dernaseer’s managing director, Declan McKenna cited ‘speed of delivery’ as the most important factor for a pump supplier. Atlantic has large stocks of quality pumps and parts available at their Sheffield-based warehouse ready for next day delivery, which means that Dernaseer doesn’t need to keep large stocks of pumps and parts on site.

Atlantic Pumps has fully-trained, knowledgeable industry experts on hand to offer prompt assistance. Talking about his experience of working with Atlantic Pumps so far, Dernaseer’s Declan McKenna said: “Personal contact was good. If you had a question for them they would get back to you right away”. It’s this level of customer service that Atlantic Pumps is so proud of.