Fluiten sealing systems for Zohr processing plant

Fluiten's BM6D seal is designed to ensure maximum environmental safety and protection of personnel.
Fluiten's BM6D seal is designed to ensure maximum environmental safety and protection of personnel.

The supergiant Zohr gas field, situated 120 miles off the Egyptian coast, was discovered by the Italian energy company ENI in 2015 and is the largest in the Mediterranean. The gas extracted is processed in onshore plants for which Fluiten, the Italian sealing solution company, is supplying mechanical seals with an API Plan 53B auxiliary system.

Purification process

Downstream gas processing plants are essential to purify the extracted product before it is liquefied for transportation. Failure to do so can be catastrophic in terms of injury to personnel, pollution and damage to equipment. The impurities of the gas flow, whose concentration varies from one well to another, are removed either in a single step or with a multistep process.

The main components to be removed are: hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, nitrogen compounds, halogenated compounds, carbon monoxide, impure compounds of different chemical composition.

The chemical reactions used to concentrate and remove these impurities are generated by substances and catalysts which in turn can compromise the chemical resistance of the materials used in the mechanical seals. Therefore the choice of seal construction materials is critical to avoid corrosion and wear. As there is a risk of toxic emissions, meticulous design is essential to ensure maximum environmental safety and protection of personnel. 

Seal details

The Fluiten BM6T/D mechanical seal has a double seal with a lubricating barrier liquid. This guarantees zero emissions into the atmosphere, in accordance with the API norms. The auxiliary API Plan 53B auxiliary system monitors operating parameters, ensures correct lubrication and guarantees safety. The seal details are as follows:                       •    Double cartridge, reverse pressure to tolerate possible pressure inversions •    Multiple springs for optimum spring load distribution and double  rotation •    Solid stationary and rotating rings •    Rotating ring drive system to assure maximum efficiency even when there are        vibrations and misalignments •    Shaft flange and sleeve designed to customer’s specifications

With a presence in the market for 55 years, Fluiten is able to respond to the most demanding requirements of the Oil & Gas sector.