Pumps operated by smart material actuators

The research article 'Pumps operated by solid-state electromechanical smart material actuators - A review' has been published in Elsevier journal Sensors and Actuators A: Physical.


There has been a substantial amount of research on liquid pumps operated by solid-state electroactive smart material actuators since the first such pump was developed in 1975, providing exciting opportunities for numerous fields. Aiming to motivate researchers to further develop this sector, a taxonomy of representative examples of smart material macro- and micro- diaphragm and linear peristaltic pumps was developed, categorizing them according to pump size and/or amount of fluid handled, method with which energy is imparted to the transported fluid and smart material actuator type with which they are driven. An extensive discussion of pumps operated by unidirectional shape memory alloy (U-SMA)-, piezoelectric ceramic (PEC)-, dielectric elastomer (DE)-, ferroelectric polymer (FEP), ionic polymer metal composite (IPMC)- and conducting polymer (CP)-based actuators was undertaken, focusing on actuator and pump design advancements. For qualitative and quantitative comparisons, the pumping technologies were also summarized in tables, presenting actuator and pump characteristics that influence pump performances.

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