Unsung heroes - 3

The pump industry can never be accused of being a glamourous one. Nevertheless individuals are often called on to perform vital and sometimes dramatic tasks in the midst of crisis and disaster – turning those participants into ‘unsung heroes’.

This is the last of four examples of some industry professionals who answered the call above and beyond their everyday workload — risking their own personal safety to help others in the midst of crisis, disaster, or other unforeseen events.

Memorial Day weekend collapsed sewer

Late on a Friday before Memorial Day 2017 weekend, Baltimore County Texas experienced a pump station failure due to the event of a collapsed sewer and intake of rock. The county called for an emergency pump station bypass of up to 12 MGD.

Ashley Martin Baltimore administrative manager of Global Pump was the point of contact for yard activities and outside hauler coordination. All the trucks had to be loaded with yard equipment, and the yard forklift needed to be moved to the jobsite because no other rental machines were available to unload the trucks.

There were only two other account managers available at the time because some of the branch staff was on vacation and the logistics manager was on military leave. The account managers had to go to the jobsite until the transport work was completed. Martin stayed late and throughout the weekend to ensure the team in the field had what they needed.

The system included a primary 12GSH pump unit, three 8GSH pump units, and a backup 12GSH pump unit with piping. The first pump was installed Friday evening, and the other pumps arrived over the weekend and were installed by the end of the day on Memorial Day.

Working throughout the holiday

“Ashley worked late and throughout the holiday weekend to line out the trucks, the equipment, and filled in for the logistics manager,” Mersino said. “Ashley changed from her office attire into company approved safety work clothes without being asked and was ready to do what was needed to help the team in the field. 

Ashley is very knowledgeable about our equipment and services as well as the functionality of bypass systems and has many years of industry experience. Ashley is always there to help the team and shows her sense of urgency, pride, and professionalism — no matter what the task may be. As far as our company is concerned, this makes her a hero.”