85% recovery with heat exchanger

Heat recovery from a variety of process tanks such as anaerobic digesters makes more biogas available for heating the facility, generating electricity, or drying sludge.

The Claro Large Gap heat exchanger from Claro Environmental Technologies has consistently-sized and large throughput diameters to prevent clogging even with poorly screened and greasy sludges and other process liquids. The Claro Large Gap heat exchanger has very low pressure drops to diminish pump Hp requirements and enable the recovery of heat from distant thermal sources and input points. There is quick and direct access to all heat exchanger internals with doors open on both sides of the unit.

The Claro Large Gap heat exchangers have standard and custom heating and cooling capacities with very compact footprints and is available in stainless, mild-steel, and other steel alloy units. The Claro Large Gap heat exchanger meets ASTM pressure vessel requirements and ISO 9001 fabrication