Alfa Laval FrontLine gasketed plate heat exchanger

The Alfa Laval FrontLine gasketed plate heat exchanger.
The Alfa Laval FrontLine gasketed plate heat exchanger.

With design pressure up to 21 (305 psi), the FrontLine has a flexible design with plates tailor-made for demanding hygienic applications. The plate pattern, the channel depth and the overall dimensions are designed for gentle, uniform heat transfer for sensitive dairy, food, beverage and home-personal care products.

Alfa Laval says the FrontLine offers great flexibility, as it can be configured with different sections, using plate and gaskets in different materials with several types of connections, making the final unit suited to your processing tasks. Alfa Laval FrontLine is also designed with a wide stream plate for product containing particles and/or fibres like fruit juices etc.

The optimized design of Alfa Laval FrontLine plates comes exclusively from hygienic demands and provides gentle and uniform heat transfer between the two media involved, which prolong operating times. In addition, the unique distribution area ensures a uniform flow over the entire plate surface with no stagnant flow zones and less risk of fouling build-up.

With increased Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) efficiency and less fouling, the plates of Alfa Laval FrontLine are easy to clean and provide longer time between cleaning cycles, ensuring more production output, according to the company.