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AEGPL Congress - Blackmer

Blackmer will  be at booths 72/73.
Blackmer will be at booths 72/73.

In Booths 72/73, Blackmer will provide visitors with a look at its pump and compressor products for use in the transport and handling of LPG and Autogas, including:

  • LGL Series sliding vane pumps which been specifically designed for use in LPG and Autogas applications. They feature a cavitation-suppression liner that helps reduce the noise, vibration and wear that can be caused by entrained vapors. The pumps also feature ductile-iron construction and internal relief valves, which help provide self-priming and dry-run capabilities.
  • LB Series oil-free reciprocating gas compressors have been designed to achieve transfer rates of 132 to 2,630 L/min (35 to 700 gpm). In addition, they can handle the transfer and recovery of liquefied gases and all models feature ductile-iron pressure parts for optimized resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.

Blackmer will be sharing its booth space with Ebsray Pumps, Brookvale, Australia, which designs and manufactures regenerative turbine and positive displacement pump technologies. Ebsray was acquired by the Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group (PSG) in May 2013 and is currently being integrated as part of PSG’s Blackmer brand.

Ebsray will be showcasing its regenerative turbine pumps. These are available in four series—the RX, R, RC and RB—have been designed for low-flow, high-head duties with low-viscosity liquids, such as LPG and Autogas. They are designed to handle entrained vapors without due loss of efficiency or internal damage. The pumps are ATEX-compliant and suitable for underground, aboveground and submersible LPG- and Autogas-pumping applications.