Albany gear pumps made of thermoplastic

Nyrim, a Nylon thermoplastic used in industrial applications, has improved impact strength, wear resistance and endurance. It is chemical resistant and can maintain its mechanical properties across a wide range of temperatures.Albany uses Nyrim and Nylon in the production of the gears. The only other stainless steel parts are shafts, seals and fixing screws. This minimal use of stainless steel in the FF range of pumps means that the product is not affected by rising prices in the metal commodity market.The FF G2 pump is available with 2 in and 2½ in ports, the delivers 1 litre/revolution at speeds up to 600 rpm.  The 1¼ in G125 runs up to 960 rpm, delivering up to 150 litre/min.The pumps are suitable for transferring viscous liquids including liquid soaps, essential oils, syrups, molasses, chocolate, polymers and acids.