Alfa Laval provides pumps for refinery transitioning towards biofuels

Alfa Laval has entered into an agreement with a subsidiary of CVR Energy Inc to supply processing systems for feedstock pre-treatment as the US-based refining company expands into biofuel production.

Image © NK - Adobe Stock.

Alfa Laval will supply pre-treatment systems, including pumps, separators, heat exchangers and agitators, to reduce contaminants in the feedstocks before conversion into biofuel. The systems are intended to support a more cost-effective supply of sustainable feedstocks.

As part of the ongoing energy transition, many refineries in the US and Europe are being converted into biofuels plants.

“Alfa Laval has extensive experience and expertise in both oil refining and biofuel processes,” says Nish Patel, president of the Food & Water Division at Alfa Laval. “By changing and optimizing the current processes, we can make a big difference as we work in parallel on tomorrow’s solutions.”