Amarinth provides compact acoustic enclosures for offshore platform pumps in Qatar

When Maersk awarded Alderley the contract for the produced water treatment plant, the Danish company stipulated a maximum noise level for the pumps of 80db(A).

Alderley turned to Amarinth to supply the necessary API 610 OH2 pumps with Plan 53B seal support systems on a tight 28 week delivery.

Amarinth designed a bespoke baseplate placing the pump and motor on the left and the seal support system with its air cooled piping on the right. This enabled the pump maker to design a compact and cost-effective acoustic enclosure for just the wetted end of the pump which would fit within the space constraints of the rig, allow for regular maintenance and reduce the overall noise to the required level.

For ease of maintenance and full 360° access to the pump and motor, the acoustic enclosure was quickly removable without the need to disrupt any pipework. However, it also had to remain in-situ near the pumps when removed as there was nowhere else to move it to on the rig. This required modelling the human elements during the design stage to determine how people could work around the enclosure effectively. A maintenance hatch was also provided in the enclosure for regular access to the oiler.