Andritz C-Press sludge dewatering

Andritz has launched new sludge dewatering equipment for wastewater treat plants, industrial plants and food applications. The Andritz C-Press, a screw press, has a direct drive system and conical shaft with constant screw pitch.

The new press can handle inlets from 1 to 23 m3/h and outlets from 50 to 800kg DS/h. In addition to a long lifecycle, the press also has bi-sequential cleaning giving 30% less water consumption than comparable equipment. The C-press complies with all European Union regulations on such issues such as safety, hygiene ad environmental protection.

TurboJet weir plate

Recently, Andritz has also launched its TurboJet weir plate, a power recovery system for decanters, reducing power consumption by up to 30%.

The weir plate, guides the liquid discharge from the centrifuge in the opposite direction to the bowl rotation. Adjustable nozzles form a jet that creates a reaction force in the same way as a jet engine’s exhaust and recovers the kinetic energy from the liquid. This extra force enhances bowl rotation and reduces main drive power consumption without affecting actual separation performance. Power savings vary depending on feed flow, pong depth, and bowl speed.