Armstrong launches a new range of variable speed pumps

Armstrong Design Envelope Intelligent Variable Speed (IVS) pumps are aimed at the heating and cooling system market. It integrates vertical in-line pump, motor, and intelligent variable speed controller.

Changes to spec are common during the design phase of a project, involving consultants and other engineers in costly re-designs. The new pumps consume only the energy required, based on current system demand.

In addition, after installation, the Design Envelope IVS pump’s wider capabilities can accommodate common changes in requirements resulting from changes in occupancy, alterations of building design, or modifications in the shade conditions due to changes in the building’s surroundings, such as the construction of new buildings adjacent to the existing site. For building owners this can bring greater adaptability without costly HVAC refurbishment,

Armstrong claims that a major benefit of the new Design Envelope IVS pump is that it can provide the same optimised energy efficiency capabilities over a wider operational range than other pumps. So a single pump model can still continue to meet operational requirements even if changes in operational requirements change, either during the design process or after installation, without the risk of underperformance or the need for replacement.