Armstrong pumps pass 'shake' testing

As stated in OSHPD Seismic Certification No OSP-0422-10, Armstrong VIL Design Envelope pumps have passed the requisite ‘shake’ testing and are now preapproved for use in buildings requiring OSHPD certified equipment. OSHPD certification is required for many buildings in regions that are at risk for seismic activity, which is an increasingly growing geographical area of the United States. “Although California is known to be earthquake prone, several regions of the US experience smaller earthquakes,” comments Brent Ross, Global Director of Configured Building Equipment. “Many municipalities now specify OSHPD certified equipment.” Armstrong says its VIL DE pumps are designed to provide superior performance and energy efficiency across broad operating envelopes. They are most suitable for applications where reduced energy consumption and low maintenance costs are critical, or where installation space is limited.