Armstrong rebrands globally

The new company name will be used by the group’s businesses around the world, creating a unified brand.

The global rebranding reflects the family-owned company’s activities in recent years. With many customers

now engaging with Armstrong across multiple countries, Armstrong feels that a unified brand for all products and services is more representative of how many customers relate to the company.

Richard Strode, managing director of Armstrong Fluid Technology’s UK operations, said: “As the company approaches its 80th year in business it is continuing to grow, and the next stage of our evolution sees us moving from a group of subsidiary companies to a global enterprise. The focus will be, as it has always been, on serving customers. That service will be delivered on a local basis, but for the increasing number of our customers who engage with us in more than one country, the organisation now operates under a single unified name - Armstrong Fluid Technology.”

Armstrong Fluid Technology has more than 1000 employees and operates manufacturing facilities in Canada, USA, UK, India and China.