Arundo Analytics software added to Veracity platform

The Arundo Enterprise software
The Arundo Enterprise software

US software company, Arundo Analytics, has announced that it will supply analytics software on the Veracity platform to enable marine vessel owners and operators to integrate advanced analytics into business decision systems.

The Veracity platform, built by data scientists, DNV GL, is an open, secure platform facilitating exchange of services, datasets, APIs, and applications. It is designed to help companies unlock, qualify, combine and prepare data for analytics.

Mogens Mathiesen, co-founder and commercial lead at Arundo Analytics said, “Ships and marine installations are highly-engineered, capital-intensive environments with significant opportunities to reap the benefits of digitalization.” Potential applications include real-time equipment anomaly detection and predictions to improve fuel performance and safety.

A critical component of these advanced analytical solutions is the deployment of Arundo Edge Agent, software for streaming data and performing local computations and analytics in intermittently-connected environments such as marine vessels or remote sites. Users are able to use data from ship control systems or run analytics autonomously on local systems.

Customers are then able to deploy other advanced analytical models within Arundo Enterprise in Veracity, enabling work such as equipment maintenance, energy consumption or logistics and scheduling.