Baker Hughes releases Centrilift FlexPumpER

Baker Hughes announced the release of the Centrilift FlexPumpER extended-range pump, which expands the operating range of a single electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system. Accoring to the manufacturer, the new pump operates efficiently in a wider flow range to improve production and reduce operating costs, particularly in the dynamic production conditions characteristic of unconventional resource plays.

As production rates from unconventional oil wells decline, operators typically switch out pumping units or even artificial lift production methods to accommodate the various flow ranges. The FlexPumpER technology can operate with a flow range from 2,900 to 50 barrels per day.

Pumping efficiency The production stream in unconventional oil plays also can contain high levels of gas entrained in the fluid, which can impact ESP system efficiency and reliability. The FlexPumpER design features patent-pending advanced turbulence mitigation (ATM) technology to increase pumping efficiency and reduce gas locking, as well as a redesigned bearing system to withstand the high temperatures generated in the pump during short-term operation with gas slugs. Particle swirl suppression ribs in the diffuser provide abrasion resistance by reducing the buildup of abrasives that can cause erosive wear.