Ball valve offers more consistent seal

The DFKB series ball valve features Swagelok’s patent-pending direct load design, which reportedly delivers a more consistent seal across a full range of pressures. It features stem and end connection seals to prevent shell leakage and improve cycle life.

“With the patent-pending direct load design, the medium-pressure ball valve delivers a consistent leak-tight, live-loaded seat seal across a full range of pressures,” said Bill Menz, market manager, Swagelok. “Even when depressurization of the system occurs, the direct load design ensures a leak-tight seal upon repressurization of the system."

They medium-pressure ball valves have a 0.209 in (5.3 mm) orifice, 316 stainless steel body construction, and reinforced PEEK seat seals. The valves are rated for temperatures from 0° to 250°F (-17° to 121°C) and maintain a full pressure rating throughout the entire operating temperature range. Multiple O-ring materials are available, including nitrile, fluoroelastomer, and perfluoroelastomer. All wetted materials are compatible with most hydrocarbons.