BBA B-series pumps given environmentally-friendly design

The B-series gets an environmental makeover.
The B-series gets an environmental makeover.

The design of the larger B pumps (6" to 10") has been thoroughly modified, resulting in a higher pump efficiency and a larger passage for solids.

For the smaller models – like the electrically driven B40 to B70 – the company has made enhancements to the production process. These include replacing spraying as far as possible with a more effective powder coating process.   In the environmentally friendly design of the B40 to B70 models:

  • the pump housing will now be powder coated as standard;
  • the motor keeps the factory colour of the supplier;
  • all new deliveries will have hot-dip galvanized inspection covers; 
  • a modification to the packaging material ensures that the steel motor plate previously used to prevent transport damage is no longer required.

BBA reports that these changes can also mean cost savings for the end user.

"In many cases these changes have a positive impact on the costs," explains Roland Berns, CEO of BBA Group.

"The recommended retail prices will be recalculated for each model. For the main models we can report some savings in cost which we will of course pass on to the end user."

The B-series range of self-priming centrifugal pumps are designed for a variety of uses, ranging from marine bilge water applications to major irrigation projects.