Busch introduces DS series COBRA screw vacuum pumps

The new Busch DS series COBRA vacuum pump range has a 20 percent smaller footprint than the previous generation, and has superior powder handling capabilities resulting from their unique screw pump design. These vacuum pumps target high capacity load lock and harsh process vacuum applications in the solar market, as well as flat panel manufacturing applications. Designed to meet industry needs for the rapid cycling of big chamber pump downs and large volumes of hydrogen during solar cell manufacturing processes, the DS series range meets these pumping requirements in a powerful, cost-effective modular system.

The new vacuum pump models also come with options that address specific harsh process issues and energy saving requirements (30% energy savings are possible). One of the recent additions to the option catalogue opens the door to a cost efficient solution in difficult processes like ZnO CVD film deposition, avoiding costly trap technologies.

The new frame design, with its separate booster and screw pump frames, allows for easy installation and maintenance. Its optimized space design contributes to an excellent CoO of the new DS series COBRA vacuum pumps.

For more information, visit www.buschusa.com.