Become a Certified Pump System Auditor after four-day course

Pump industry professionals are being invited to a residential course that will help lead them to being granted Certified Pump System Auditor status.

The four-day training session will take place during June 9-12 at the National Metalforming Centre in West Bromwich, UK , and is aimed to give individuals new skills before Energy Efficiency Directive mandates periodic energy audits in buildings and industrial processes for large companies in the European Union begins next year.

The course is being organised by the British Pump Manufacturers Association - and it is the Association’s Certified Pump System Auditor Scheme that has established it as the body which will train and certify individuals who will undertake Pumping Systems Assessments as referenced by the UK government’s energy strategy documents.

Now the BPMA is offering the four-day course in the West Midlands as an important step towards certification and eventual Certified Pump System Auditor status.

In addition the Association is highlighting that helping to achieve pumping system improvements ‘can deliver up to 40% reduction in energy costs’ as another incentive to join the course.

Individuals can register via a booking form available from the BPMA, telephone +44 (0) 121 601 6387 or email . The price, which includes three nights B&B at the Rezidor Park Inn Hotel, for BPMA members is £1,500+VAT, for non-members it is £1,750+VAT.

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