Bedford Pumps to supply high lift pumps for Thames Water AWTW

A two stage pump from Bedford Pumps.
A two stage pump from Bedford Pumps.

Coppermills AWTW is one of Thames Water’s network of sites providing drinking water for London. The raw water is taken from the Lea flood relief channel and the New River and then stored in 12 reservoirs which feed the treatment works. Following treatment the potable water is pumped into supply by the high lift pumping station at Coppermills AWTW.

The existing pumps at Coppermills AWTW were installed when the station was constructed in the 1960s.

Bedford Pumps will initially provide two new high lift clean water pumps to supplement the existing old pumps.

The pump company will work with SMBJV (Skanska, MWH & Balfour Beatty Joint Venture) to supply a pair of two-stage suspended mixed flow bowl pumpsets which will be installed in a vertical dry well suspended arrangement in order to fit into the existing tight space with access to the motors outdoors at ground level. The pumps will each deliver a flow of 1053 litres per second at 53m head via 3.3kV 800 kW variable speed motors.

Seven years ago, Bedford Pumps installed submersible bowl transfer pumps and a tunnel drainage pump at Coppermills WTW to facilitate a dual pumping process between Coppermills and the Thames Water Ring Main (TWRM). This was part of the £150 million TWRM project, which involved tunnelling around London linking transfer pump shafts with water treatment works and pumping stations along the route.