Bell & Gossett to showcase pumps and drives at 2017 AHR Expo

Highlights include B&G’s DOE-compliant pumps, its new pump selection criteria called Part Load Efficiency Value (PLEV), and a new Online Little Red Schoolhouse course on modern pump selection.

B&G’s e-Series pumps meet and exceed efficiency benchmarks set forth by the US Department of Energy (DOE) in its new standards for centrifugal pumps, three years before the 2020 compliance date. The company says that Xylem is the only US manufacturer that currently offers a complete product line that meets the new standards.

B&G’s PLEV is a new tool for HVAC system designers to specify the most accurate and efficient centrifugal pumps based on their true performance within a hydronic system. PLEV, which stands for Part Load Efficiency Value, is a calculation based on the partial load that a pump will experience most of the time it’s in operation in a commercial building HVAC system.