BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair: Vogelsang presents its new generation of PreMix solid matter feeders for the first time

At the BIOGAS Convention & Trade Fair (December 12–14, 2023, Nuremberg), Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will showcase innovative systems and components from its outstanding range of solid matter feeding, pumping and separation technology.

HiCone Progressive Cavity Pump Conical Shape Of Rotor And Stator
HiCone Progressive Cavity Pump Conical Shape Of Rotor And Stator

Vogelsang, located in hall 9 at booth D26, introduces the latest generation of PreMix solid matter feeders, available in two versions: PreMix IC (Intelligent Control), designed for OEMs, and PreMix ICC (Intelligent Control Comfort), a fully pre-assembled solution for biogas plant operators. These models offer improved performance, extended service life, reduced operating costs, and lower energy consumption. Visitors can also explore the HiCone progressive cavity pump and the XSplit press screw separator at the exhibition.

Efficient biogas production relies on reliable solid matter feeding, impacting gas yield and profitability. Michael Brinkmann, Director of Global Sales at Vogelsang, emphasises the importance of this component.

The PreMix solid matter feeder streamlines four essential functions into one compact unit. Users benefit from enhanced gas yields, reduced power consumption, and reliability, even when processing challenging solid matter under varying conditions. PreMix IC caters to OEMs, where the machine is installed, integrated into the control system, and equipped with safety features. In contrast, PreMix ICC offers a ready-made, plug-and-play solution for end customers, fully assembled and ready for use in closed rooms.

The modified universal PreMix liquid feeding system combines the HiCone progressive cavity pump and the RotaCut RCX wet cutter with ACCplus blade adjustment, enabling automatic blade adjustment and dynamic cutting performance. This innovation reduces power consumption and wear on cutting tools, extending service life and maintenance intervals.

The HiCone progressive cavity pump, as part of the PreMix, minimises life cycle costs with its long service life and energy efficiency. Its conical rotor and stator allow for precise adjustments, eliminating the need for costly parts replacement. The pump can be quickly readjusted to extend its service life, reducing downtime for parts replacement.

Visitors can also see the HiCone progressive cavity pump as a standalone solution, offering low maintenance and wear.

The PreMix's built-in 10-inch touch display simplifies operation, automatically regulating itself for efficient solid matter feeding. Key parameters and settings can be configured from the control room or remotely. Condition monitoring keeps users informed about wear parts, allowing for proactive planning.