Vogelsang presents new pumps and an innovative seal supply system

Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will present its industrial innovations at ACHEMA (22–26 August 2022, Frankfurt). At booth F64 in hall 8.0, the company will be introducing the rotary lobe pumps of the EP and VY series and the “ASU” (Automatic Supply Unit) seal supply system to a broad trade audience for the first time.

The new pump series are designed for use in challenging environments, such as the oil, gas, and chemical industry and can be flexibly fitted with a range of sealing systems. With the ASU, Vogelsang is also launching an innovative seal supply system which is more compact and significantly less expensive than other systems available on the market.

“Our new products allow industrial companies to benefit from the greater flexibility and economy of their pump equipment. The new range of seals and the greater efficiency of the EP and VY series also expand the areas of application of our pump technology that are open to our customers,” says Harald Vogelsang, Managing Director of Vogelsang.

New seal supply system
With the Automatic Supply Unit, Vogelsang is introducing to the market a unique seal supply system for Vogelsang pumps. The ASU is much smaller than conventional seal supply systems and is easy to install, even in confined spaces. The patented system consists of a positive displacement pump that supplies lubricant to the seal with every rotation in order to sustain the sealing pressure. This maintains overpressure of either 2.0 or 4.3 bar. The new seal supply system extends the service life of the seal by up to 100%.

EP series for extreme conditions
The rotary lobe pumps in the EP series are comprised of a one-piece housing and have a high-performance gearbox that enables a constant supply of up to 18 bar of pressure⁠ – a feature that is currently unmatched on the market. Helical gears in the gearbox ensure smooth performance and reduce noise emissions. Furthermore, pulsation-free conveying reduces wear on the adjacent pipeline to a minimum. The high-pressure output and temperature limit of 200 °C, as well as the wide range of seals, also make the EP series suitable for applications such as in the oil and gas industry, petrochemical industry and for tank farms.

Vogelsang has equipped its EP series also with an AirGap for high operational reliability. The AirGap atmospherically separates the gearbox and pump chamber, ensuring that in the event of a leak, liquid will drain off to the outside rather than leaking into the gearbox. It also protects the gearbox when conveying hot media.

VY series: the all-rounder
The rotary lobe pumps in the VY series are based on the tried-and-tested Vogelsang VX series. The variable use of different seals makes the VY series a genuine all-rounder for use in the chemical industry, as well as the paper and textile sectors, among others. The performance of the VY pumps ranges from 1 m³/h to 120 m³/h with a maximum pressure of 10 bar. Integrated sensors supply all the important information about the operating state of the pumps.

Vogelsang at ACHEMA, 22–26 August 2022, Messe Frankfurt: Hall 8.0, booth F64