Blackmer highlights STX-DEF series at show

Blackmer, a manufacturer of positive displacement and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies, will be displaying a representative pump from its line of sliding vane pumps that were developed for use in Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) applications, including the following models: STX2A-DEF –  for DEF-handling applications that require lower flow rates, generally from 15-60 GPM (57-227 L/min); STX1220A-DEF – Designed for slightly higher flow rates, from 42-92 gpm (159-348 L/min): STX3A-DEF – This model offers high-capacity flow rates up to 250 gpm (946 l/min)

All of Blackmer’s DEF pumps are constructed of 316 stainless steel with external ball-bearing construction, non-metallic Duravanes, PTFE elastomers and mechanical seals. These features allow the STX-DEF Series pumps to meet the ISO 22241 material standards and cleanliness specifications that are required for DEF-handling applications.

In addition to its DEF pumps, Blackmer plans to display its TXD Series and GX Series sliding vane pumps. TXD pumps are designed to be truck mounted and transfer a wide variety of petroleum products, including fuel oil, diesel, kerosene, gasoline, avgas, jet fuel, biofuels, ethanol, petrochemicals, light lube oils and solvents. The GX Series is a base-mounted pump with an integral gearbox close couple mounted to the pump, and covers the same range of applications as the TXD Series.