Borger pumps handle effluent at carpet recycling facilities

Borger’s BLUEline rotary lobe pumps are playing an important part in conveying the hard-to-handle wastewater to a centrifuge at a recycling company that transforms end-of-life waste carpet into products for a wide range of industries.

Polypropylene from old carpets.
Polypropylene from old carpets.

Installed at two locations, Borger’s self-priming BLUEline Rotary Lobe Pumps manage the effluent’s viscous and abrasive materials for the process that sees old carpets deconstructed, whilst recapturing polypropylene and calcium carbonate. The facility’s capability in resource-recapture takes carpet waste that was previously destined for shredding, burning and landfill.

The positive displacement Borger pumps installed are also valveless, compact and designed with Maintenance in Place (MIP) that allows for very easy replacement of wetted parts with just basic tools. By not having to remove pipe or drive systems, downtime is greatly minimised.

The Borger pumps also benefit the customer by having reversible operation, dry running capability and proven seal solutions.