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Bürkert adds to shut-off valve range

Following the introduction of the Type 3360 and 3361 control valves, the company has expanded their range with the Type 3320 (angle seat valve) and Type 3321 (globe valve) electromotive on/off valves. These shut-off valves are for applications without compressed air supply.

The addition of the new valves makes it possible to switch systems entirely to electromotive actuators. The two on/off valve types are as efficient as pneumatic actuators and use the same valves as the Bürkert Element products which mean that the actuators are interchangeable.

Electromotive valves have the benefit of low energy costs and the Bürkert valves have a cogging torque brake, which fixes its position without additional energy consumption. If there is a power outage there is also an optional SAFEPOS energy storage pack. A mechanical position indicator with a 360° LED indicates the position and status of the valve at all times and there is also a manual override. The closing speed is adjustable in order to protect field devices and pipes against pressure shocks and the electromotive on/off valves respond instantaneously to process signals to guarantee fast shut-off of the flow. 

The new Types 3320 / 3321 electromotive shut-off valves