Bürkert expands TwinPower product line

The impulse version of the Type 6624 valve allows substantial energy savings in a compact design in comparison with monostable valves and also features very good flushability.

Bürkert has enhanced its product line with an impulse version of the Type 6624 TwinPower rocker valve; so far there is no comparable product on the market. The new valve consumes no energy after the switching process, which is explained by the valve’s functioning principle: a standard rocker valve has two seats, which are opened and closed as a result of electric current. However, they return to their original state as soon as the current is discontinued. Not so with the pulse version: a current pulse is used only to open a seat, for example – afterwards, it retains its position without the supply of power. This is made possible by a permanent magnet that attracts the iron core of the rocker valve. The valve can be returned to its original state by means of another current pulse.

The Type 6624 valve is therefore available in both a neutral and bistable version. Both versions are based on the time-tested and reliable rocker principle and the innovative TwinPower actuation concept enables a drastic reduction of the size, with no decrease in performance. The 10 mm wide media-separated rocker valve with a diameter of 1.2 mm and pressure resistance of 2 bar therefore features similar performance characteristics to a conventional 16 mm valve. In the standard version the integrated power reduction reduces the power consumption by 75% and the pulse version generally needs even less power.