Busch introduces new generation of small MINK MM

Busch Vacuum Solutions introduces new MINK MM dry claw vacuum pumps. The new generation stands out for its minimal operating costs, low energy consumption and reduced CO2 footprint through reduced raw material requirements.

MINK MM 0142 A
MINK MM 0142 A

They feature a three-piece housing for quicker and easier maintenance and a special oil-draining tool. The new compact MINK MMs are 15% lighter than their predecessors and are also available as Aqua versions or with an IoT Kit. They can be used, for example, in the medical field and the food industry, for vacuum packaging and pneumatic conveying, and in machine building, woodworking and the plastics industry.

The new MINK MM 0182 / 0142 / 0104 / 0084 A are improved versions of the proven MINK MM 1142 / 1102 /1144 / 1104 BV. Despite being approximately 15% lighter in weight, they are just as robust and offer the same performance as their predecessors. Since the connections are also in the same places, the new vacuum pump can easily replace the older versions 1:1, even in vacuum systems.

Thanks to the proven dry and contact-free vacuum technology, the new MINK MMs are particularly efficient and nearly maintenance-free. Nevertheless, the new vacuum pump’s redesigned three-part housing provides easier access for service and maintenance, which is particularly fast and efficient. The oil drain has also been optimized. A special oil-draining tool prevents oil from flowing into the housing when draining.

The vacuum pumps are suited for a wide range of applications in the food industry, hospitals and healthcare facilities, as well as in woodworking for clamping on CNC routers but also in many other industries that want to improve their processes and reduce their energy costs.

The new MINK MM 0182 A and MINK MM 0142 A are designed for applications in the rough vacuum range with a reduced ultimate vacuum of up to 40 hPa (mbar), while the new MINK MM 0104 A and MM 0084 A are conceptualized for a vacuum level of up to 60 hPa (mbar).

The vacuum pumps can be supplied with an inlet filter or vacuum relief valve and can be retrofitted with the IoT Kit from Busch for monitoring. For applications in humid environments, the new vacuum pumps are also available in Aqua versions with a corrosion-resistant Aqua coating. These can be equipped with a special filter and a condensate drain.