Busch presents new Screw Vacuum Pump

The new screw profile is self-cleaning, making it highly resistant to particles and steam. COBRA NX vacuum pumps are suited to many industrial applications such as heat treatment ovens, coating processes, vacuum drying and component cleaning. The extremely compact dimensions and low noise levels of the COBRA NX allow it to be installed almost anywhere, including workstation areas.

COBRA NX screw vacuum pumps were developed by Busch specifically for applications demanding high pumping speeds throughout the working range 1000 to 0.1 mbar. The proven, completely dry-running screw vacuum technology requires no operating fluids in the compression chamber, so no contamination by pumped gases can occur. Consequently, maintenance tasks such as oil and filter replacement are not required, and servicing work is restricted to gearbox oil changes at long intervals.

The COBRA NX is powered by an energy-efficient IEC standard motor, with frequency control available as an option.