Chopper pumps solve solids’ blockages

Of the 366,000 sewer blockages occurring in the UK, around 80% are caused by the presence of non-flushable items, of which the biggest offender is wet-wipes. The man hours and costs associated with manually lifting pumps and clearing the blockages are high.

Vaughan Chopper Pumps replaced failing submersible pumps at Anglian Water’s pumping station in Cambourne. Two Vaughan 30kW / 1460rpm SE6W chopper pumps were specified to handle flows up to 400m3/hr at heads of 17.8. A simple and quick retro fit was all that was required, utilising all the existing installation hardware, which was able to prevent blockages and instances of drains ‘backing-up’.

The design of the Vaughan Chopper pump makes it particularly effective in the most challenging solids pumping applications when faced with the challenge of non-flushable items. The seal design on Vaughan submersibles has proven to be reliable and durable and is assisted by the patented upper cutter design.

Solids are then chopped by the cupped and sharpened impeller blades turning across the cutter bar, enabling the conditioned slurry to be easily pumped upstream through the piping system without plugging. Finally, a centred nut with a tooth cuts stringy materials that tend to wrap at the pump inlet.

How the Vaughan Chopper Pump works.