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CIRCOR app now supports IMO products

CIRCOR International, Inc., has announced that its CIRCORSmart smartphone app now also supports its IMO Product Series 3E, 3G, 3D, 6D and 12D pumps.

The app now offers easy access to critical data on IMO pumps.
The app now offers easy access to critical data on IMO pumps.

CIRCORSmart allows operators and maintenance technicians to track maintenance on each product, take detailed notes and store them, and attach photos and important files for future use. The ability to keep track of product maintenance information at all times contributes to reduced downtime.

The app makes it easy to access product-specific instructional manuals and videos, search FAQs and troubleshooting tips, contact product specialists, review material records, and initiate spare parts requests.

Easy access to maintenance data is essential for operators. With the recently expanded North American Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Mega Rule regulation in the USA and the DIN SPEC 91406 industrial standard (automatic identification of physical objects and information on physical objects in IT systems, particularly IoT systems) in Germany, having the necessary data for products like the CIRCOR Rapid Opening Closures and IMO pumps is now considered a crucial path for operators.

Chris Sahlman, CIRCOR VP and general manager, Industrial Group – Americas, said that the CIRCORSmart is an invaluable tool that helps customers improve their operating costs and reduce downtime.