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Circor’s 3-screw pumps for LACT boost applications

Circor International Inc’s new IMO LB6D 3-screw pumps are ideal for use in oil and gas industry lease automatic custody transfer (LACT) applications.

Built to last for LACT boost operations, the IMO LB6D pumps are engineered for maximum functional performance and the minimum of operating expenses.

“We are excited about this new product introduction,” said Chris Sahlman, Circor vice president and general manager for Pumps Americas. “Circor has a long legacy of providing robust heavy and medium gravity crude oil pipeline pumps with our IMO brand. The LB6D allows us to better serve the market on lighter crudes.”

With IMO LB6D three-screw pumps, LACT system builders and oil drillers have a pump they can rely on despite challenging crude oil viscosities and oil contaminants prevalent in harsh field conditions. The screw pumps offer high-pressure boost advantages, with boost oil pressure better than typical gear pump solutions. They also offer less downtime; new pump technology forms protective closures around contaminants, reducing or eliminating costly maintenance intervals experienced from direct wear on gear pumps.

“Advancements in Circor technology have allowed us to develop a proprietary manufacturing process which extends the mean time between failure,” said Kent Jackson, senior product manager at Circor. “Our new design greatly reduces our customers’ operating life cycle costs.”

The IMO LB6B pumps feature surface hardness similar to ceramic in the housing bores and a silicon carbide mechanical seal design for limited distortion.