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World’s largest three-screw crude oil pipeline pump

Colfax's Imo 8L-912Y pump.
Colfax's Imo 8L-912Y pump.

The Imo®8L-912Y pump can be installed on pipelines up to 24 inches in diameter and can cost-effectively transport more than 85,000 barrels of oil per day at pressures to 2,000 lb/in2.

The Imo 8L series of rotary positive displacement screw pumps are more efficient than equivalent centrifugal pumps, lowering pipeline operating costs by nearly 30%.

John A. Young, president and CEO of Colfax Corp said: “Transporting more viscous fluids with rotary positive displacement screw pumps saves energy and reduces costs compared to using centrifugal pumps for the same job. As a result, oil companies and pipeline operators are retrofitting older pipeline booster stations and, where necessary, building new pipeline networks using rotary positive displacement screw pumps to move the heavier crude oil to end markets.”