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Colfax expands Monroe pump facility

Colfax's extended Monroe facility
Colfax's extended Monroe facility

The extension, which opened in October 2010, includes a 6000 sq ft laboratory for high-tech pump testing.

“This expansion is a significant step toward allowing us to provide larger pumps and systems to our customers,” said Clay Kiefaber, Colfax president and CEO. “Additionally, we’re committed to providing reliable products, and the new testing capabilities enable us to replicate challenging conditions pumps must endure in the field.”

“The expansion offers several improvements that will help us produce a wider range of products,” said Ellen Donlin, general manager of Colfax Engineered Systems. “For example, we’ll have 30 feet of clearance under the two 30-ton cranes used for positioning equipment during manufacturing, which is twice as much space as the current facility offers. That gives us greater flexibility for building larger products with more features.”