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Colfax wins €5.7mn pump order from Brightoil

The Colfax pumps, manufactured by Houttuin in Utrecht, the Netherlands, will be used for transferring fuel oil and gas oil, as well as stripping.

“Colfax has a long history of cargo-pumping applications in the commercial marine segment, and we’re pleased Brightoil selected us to help with its expansion in the Far East,” said Clay Kiefaber, president and CEO of Colfax.

“We had originally considered other pump suppliers but ultimately decided on Colfax’s rotary positive displacement pumps because of their low maintenance needs - an especially important consideration for vessels that need to operate away from port in potentially adverse weather conditions,” explained Sit Kwong Lam, Brightoil CEO.

Colfax will ship the pumps in installments beginning later this year and continuing into 2011.