Colfax introduces new energy savings calculator for oil & gas

The calculator, which can be found at the Colfax Fluid Handling Oil & Gas microsite, allows head-to-head comparisons between centrifugal pumps and rotary positive displacement pumps in both single and multiple pump applications.

For example, in calculating energy savings between pumps in a single pump application, the user provides variable inputs such as total flow, inlet/outlet pressure, viscosity, electricity charge rate, pump type, pump efficiency and pump mechanical input power. Reference charts are provided to assist with data. Once all required fields are completed, the Energy Savings Calculator provides the projected annualized energy cost savings benefit in comparing the chosen pumps.Single pump versus multi-pump and multi-pump systems may also be compared.

The Energy Savings Calculator is a password-protected, proprietary system that is typically not available to the public, but is available for use on a trial basis through June 2012. Individuals who wish to test it may do so by entering the temporary password Cesc-Demo.

“The Energy Savings Calculator is a useful tool that tells you how much money you could save in energy costs when moving fluids,” said Mike Moore, Director, Global Oil & Gas Marketing, Colfax Fluid Handling. “It doesn’t favour either technology; it is based on facts that allow the user to see the benefits of one or the other when looking at this critical element of total cost of ownership.”

“Energy costs are only going to go up, and it is one of the factors of total cost of ownership which we believe helps show the value of a specific pump type,” Moore continued. “We want to help those in the oil and gas industry plan for these costs now.”