Concentric innovative technologies at IAA Hanover

The stand will highlight a number of innovations including Concentric variable flow oil and coolant pumps for Euro 6 engines and the Alfdex centrifugal oil mist separator. All offer environmental benefits for the next generation of engines and platforms. This takes the form of improved fuel economy in the case of the variable flow oil and coolant pumps, and improved emissions in the case of Alfdex.

Concentric has secured contracts at a number of global truck manufacturers on their new engine programmes linked to Euro 6 legislation. The variable flow pumps match fluid flow to the engine's real requirement at every point of the cycle rather than providing a constant flow irrespective of the actual demand. In an engine where both Concentric variable flow coolant and oil pumps are fitted, fuel savings can reach as much as 4%, meeting legislative and environmental requirements as well as enhancing the performance of the engine.

Hannover will be the first opportunity to see the Concentric range of hydraulic pumps, motors, fan drives and power packs, formally marketed under the Haldex brand name. Highlights will be the CALMA super-quiet gear pump and Concentric's FERRA cast-iron range, both designed at the company's hydraulics centre of excellence in Hof, Germany. FERRA is designed for robust, high-performance duty in construction and agricultural equipment, materials handling and other mobile/off-highway applications. CALMA reduces noise by up to 10 dB or 85% in low-speed applications particularly in electric vehicles, such as fork lift and warehouse trucks.