Cooling Water Pump for utility power generation is 'innovative, highly efficient and cost effective'

Today more than 80% of the electricity generation worldwide comes from thermal processes where, for most of the cases, cooling water systems are necessary. Sulzer is contributing to the optimisation of the power plants by introducing what it call 'the innovative, highly efficient and cost-effective' cooling water pump (CWP) range type SJT/SJM. The SJT/SJM CWP are "engineered to order" single stage mixed flow vertical pumps, with semi-open impellers available in sizes starting from 750 mm (30") up to 1800 mm (72”) nominal impeller diameter and for specific speeds (nq) between 90 to 155 (Ns 4639 to 7990). They are mainly designed as cooling water pumps for power applications but can also be used in the water market and other markets.           ''The semi-open impeller design offers best fitting, optimum efficiency and high suction capability,'' said a Sulzer spokesman. The state-of-the-art fabricated suction bell and bowl casing incorporating a unique swirl break ensure a stable pump performance curve from minimum flow to overflow. With a tailor-made bowl diameter, the performance curve can be adapted to the customer’s needs. A fabricated column and segmented elbow reduces the friction losses and optimises the pump efficiency.

''As it is available in all kinds of metallurgies, we can engineer the pump according to the customer’s needs. By the optional full pull-out construction, lifting crane capacity is reduced and ensures an easy maintenance.                   ''With the introduction of the innovative SJT/SJM CWP range we intend to support the development of the power generation market by reducing the investment and operational costs and shorten the lead time of the cooling water pumps.''

The product was officially released during the most recent PowerGen USA conference in Orlando (November 2013).

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