'Cost-effective' cloud-based monitoring system offered

SKF @ptitude software has been extended to offer SKF @ptitude Connect, a cost-effective cloud computing resource. The service provides instant access to SKF condition monitoring software, enabling customers to improve plant performance and efficiency. SKF @ptitude Connect enables any business to implement plant-wide - or enterprise-wide - Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and/or Predictive Maintenance (PdM) program via the internet.

Using the SKF cloud service, engineers can access machine data, analyse or display machine conditions and view printable diagnostic reports. It addresses a common problem faced in many facilities, which is that there is not enough time or money to purchase and manage the required software. By using SKF’s cloud computing resource to access subscription-based software customers can boost equipment reliability and availability without costly investment, the company claims.  

Solving and saving

“With SKF @ptitude Connect, customers can improve plant equipment reliability, increase equipment/asset availability and reduce initial capital investments for predictive maintenance programme start-up costs,” said Luis F Econom, asset diagnostic services and systems engineering manager. 

“The solution is also flexible in the sense that it is scalable to demand. It is about solving and saving.” SKF @ptitude Connect is compatible with SKF handheld or online condition monitoring data collection devices, enabling end-users to operate their CBM or PdM programs just as they would with on-site software, bringing reduced IT operating and maintenance costs.

Compliant with ISO 27001 and SSAE16, SKF’s cloud protects data integrity in key areas of concern, such as data access, data transmission, data storage and data center access. Because the service is cloud-based, installation is fast, with operational availability typically achieved within days.

This enables standardisation of machine condition diagnosis and analysis practices across multiple sites without the overhead costs of an operating system, servers, software upgrades, database licensing and backup systems. SKF @ptitude Connect is suitable for all running equipment, such as fan systems, pump systems, and compressors.