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CPC Pumps adds vertical double case pump to product range

CPC Pumps International, part of the Atlas Copco Gas and Process Division, has introduced the hydraulically versatile VTC VS6 Pump for low NPSH applications.

The newly designed VS6 range of pumps builds on over a half-century of experience of building custom engineered API 610 process pumps for LNG, gas processing and other hydrocarbon markets.

The VTC pump is the result of extensive research and development. Designed using state of the art engineering analysis tools by a team of highly specialized engineers, the pump is completely customisable to meet the most challenging applications.

“Our VTC pump range sets a new standard by combining CPC’s proven hydraulic versatility and unrivalled reliability,” said Tushar Patel, integration manager for CPC Pumps. “Our customers can expect the same level of CPC quality and customer focus that they’ve always known, now in a VS6 configuration.”