CPC Pumps launches its first BB5 model

Canada’s CPC Pumps International has extended its product range with the launch of its first-ever BB5 centrifugal pump.

CPC Pumps' new BB5 pump.
CPC Pumps' new BB5 pump.

Applications for CPC centrifugal pumps are traditionally in the wider refining and petrochemical industries. One of the major applications for the new BB5 pump will be in helping to sustainably lower environmental impacts. It will be used in carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) processes that are central to lowering CO2 emissions.

Fully compliant with API 610 requirements, CPC’s BB5 pump has the option to swap out individual stages in the future, giving the customer the flexibility to adjust their hydraulics. This provides each pump with a wide-ranging, advanced hydraulic coverage that engineers tailor to meet the needs for each application.

Tushar Patel, general manager of CPC Pumps International, says that the launch of the BB5 is in keeping with the design ethos that has served the company well for so many decades.

“Each of the BB5 pumps we produce is individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of every customer,” says Patel.

Part of Atlas Copco Gas and Process, CPC Pumps International already has a range of models available, from OH2 to OH5, VS1/VS6, BB2 and BB3.