Curtiss-Wright signs subsea canned motor pump agreement with Shell

Curtiss-Wright Corp has signed an agreement with Shell Exploration & Production Company to manufacture, test and provide operational support for an Electro-Submersible Pump (ESP) for a Shell offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

An offshore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.
An offshore drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. - Image copyright © Purplexsu - Adobe Stock.

This joint initiative is designed to demonstrate Curtiss-Wright’s canned motor technology as an effective and reliable alternative to current subsea pump technologies that reduces unplanned outages and production interruptions. In addition to delivering the ESP solution, a test facility, funded as part of the agreement, will be designed and constructed by Curtiss-Wright to enable full-power testing to demonstrate the 125-foot-long, fully assembled pump’s capability and performance prior to its shipment and subsea deployment.

“We are excited to be working with one of the leading innovators in subsea oil and gas technologies to deploy Curtiss-Wright’s first-of-a-kind subsea canned motor pump,” said Lynn M Bamford, chair and CEO of Curtiss-Wright Corp. “By proving our canned motor technology in a subsea application, we have an opportunity to bring tremendous value to Shell and to expand Curtiss-Wright’s existing pump technology into an adjacent market.”

The work will be performed at Curtiss-Wright’s EMD facility in Cheswick, Pennsylvania, part of its EMS division in the Naval & Power segment. The first canned motor ESP is to be tested and ready for delivery by the end of this year.