DAB offers Dig submersible electric pumps

Dig electric pumps are available in several models and can reach flow rates up to 250 m 3/h and discharge heads up to 60 metres, thus allowing even very wide work areas to operate.

They can operate in the most difficult conditions, draining non-clear water as well as heavy and highly abrasive liquids, while also offering resistance to wear under extreme operating conditions. The hydraulic part is made of a chrome cast iron impeller with a hardness of 600 Brinell and a vulcanized rubber diffuser, which ensure a very high resistance to abrasion.

To allow easy and fast handling, the range also includes transportable models. DAB designed these pumps to avoid maintenance downtimes, but should they be needed, they can easily be carried out since mechanical construction and technology are both essential and intuitive. This feature, besides providing great ease of use, allows competitive prices even for spare parts.

Dig electric pumps can perfectly operate even while partially submerged: motor cooling problems can be avoided thanks to the cooling action of the pumped liquid. In addition the entire Dig line features, as an option, a special patented break-resistant electric cable that is sturdy and wear-resistant with a steel-reinforced internal structure.