DESMI hit by cyber-attack

Image Jijomathaidesigners/Shutterstock.
Image Jijomathaidesigners/Shutterstock.

Danish pump company DESMI A/S suffered a cyber-attack in the week before Easter, with the attackers requesting a ransom for data recovery.

“A ransom we under no circumstances will pay,” said DESMI Group CEO Henrik Sørensen. “We do not support criminals”.

DESMI’s communication systems were affected by the cyber attack but they are now back online.

The pump company’s production sites in China, India, America and Denmark are running as normal, with only minor disturbances. The ERP (enterprise resource planning) and Finance systems were unaffected by the attack.

“It is most likely, that data has been stolen from our systems, and we predict that criminals will try to misuse these data,” said Sørensen.

“Covid-19 and now cyber-attack. 2020 will definitely be a year never to forget, but again we appreciate the support and understanding from customers and business partners from all over the world. Furthermore, we are happy to see that pumps and systems can be produced again so that our customers can receive their products – and we can get back to normal and focus on serving our many customers,” said Sørensen.