Disc couplings from R+L Hydraulics with ATEX certification

The disc couplings are suitable for rough environmental conditions. They are wear-free and excel with their high torsional rigidity and zero backlash. Lovejoy disc couplings furthermore require no maintenance and can be inspected without being dismantled.

For use in hazardous areas, devices and components are classified according to device category, temperature class, explosion group and ambient temperature. The disc couplings’ certification covers the following categories: Ex II 2 GD c 135°C (T4) and Ex I M2 c for couplings with torques up to 259 kNm and Ex II 2 GD c 100°C (T5) as well as Ex I M2 c for torque values up to 4.6 kNm.

There are ten versions of ATEX-certified disc couplings, covering a torque range from 0.24 kNm to 259 kNm. In addition to basic versions, various more sophisticated types with intermediate shafts or spacers are available. They are typically used in pumps and compressors. Specifically for use in the petrochemical industry, a series with spacer and guard ring – that fulfils the requirements of standard API 610 – is available.