Divergent signs 5-year service agreement for electric submersible pumps

The first candidate well has been identified, a service rig has been scheduled to move onto the well, and pump installation is expected during the second week of February. Two more installations are anticipated as additional wells become available.

Under the pilot program, the client will have a five-year Right of First Refusal on the supply of Divergent Energy Services’ pumps.

Ken Berg, president and CEO of Divergent Energy Services, said: “We believe this will accelerate rather than inhibit growth for pump sales. The client is an ideal partner due to their progressive nature, focus on technology, and extensive inventory of wells.”

Meanwhile, Divergent Energy Services is continuing to design a second-generation pump. The design is expected to be completed once any modifications arising from early results of the pilot program are understood. These pumps will be able to operate at depths to 2750 m (9000 ft) and production volumes of 47 m3/day (300 bbl/day), with significantly longer run life. Divergent Energy Services says that the client has expressed interest in installing at least two second-generation pumps as part of further pilot testing.