Ebara develops ammonia pump to advance carbon-free fuel handling

In response to the global push for decarbonisation, Ebara Corporation has unveiled a pot type canned motor pump designed specifically for liquid ammonia.

This development aligns with the growing interest in ammonia as a next-generation carbon-free fuel, particularly in Japan, where it is being explored as an eco-friendly alternative to combat global warming.

One of the key advantages of using ammonia lies in its combustion process, which does not emit CO2. Additionally, ammonia is gaining recognition as a hydrogen energy carrier. However, its hazardous nature necessitates stringent measures to prevent leaks during handling.

Ebara's environmentally friendly ammonia pump features an internal structure designed to prevent leakage. This newly developed pump is specifically tailored for facilities dealing with fuel ammonia, particularly those operating in environments with demanding suction conditions.

The operational principle involves submerging both the pump and the motor in liquid ammonia, ensuring the transfer of the liquid without any leaks. This addresses a crucial aspect of handling ammonia safely, especially in facilities like fuel ammonia terminals and power generation plants.

Looking ahead, Ebara envisions widespread applications for its technology as ammonia co-firing plants are slated for implementation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from thermal power plants. The demand for leak-free pumps is expected to surge alongside the increasing use of ammonia in various fuel-related processes.