Ebara Pumps Europe launches new in-line pump model

Italy’s Ebara Pumps Europe SpA has launched the new in-line pump model 3E/3ES for the global market excluding Japan.

The 3E pump model.
The 3E pump model.

The newly launched model 3E/3ES pump is a vertical, single centrifugal pump, mono-block and closed coupled. As the suction and the discharge port are on the straight line, easy installation is possible in the piping layout. The installation footprint can be saved and used for liquid circulation in the equipment such as for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), heat exchangers and chillers for building.

3E is an extended shaft model, while 3ES is a stub shaft model.

The pump has a suction/discharge size of 32–100 mm, a discharge flow rate of 25–3,600 ℓ/min and a total head of 2– 65m. The motor power is 0.37–22kW.