Ebara outsources pump production in India

Ebara Machinery India Private Limited (EMI) has launched an outsourced production line at an Indian pump manufacturer’s plant in India.

EVMS pumps from Ebara.
EVMS pumps from Ebara.

EMI has plans for the ISO 9001 certified line to produce 2,000 EVMS pumps per year, expanding its standard pumps business in the Indian market.

Established in 2017, EMI has been looking for opportunities for fabless localization in order to expand its business in the highly competitive Indian marketplace. Having built a relationship with a local pump parts manufacturer through various business alliances, EMI realised that it was possible to build a fabless localization (outsourced local manufacturing) business model with manufacturing and a quality-control system.

Under its medium-term E-Plan 2022 management plan, Ebara has been aiming to cultivate new markets and expand sales bases for the strategic development of global markets. The company has built a sales network, but conducting local production with in-house investment is challenging in terms of return on investment.